Vadim Astrakhan

Moved to the USA in 1991, currently resides in New York / New Jersey.  Translator / singer / guitarist.  Firmly believes that, by translating Vysotsky, he is changing world’s culture.  Other than Vysotsky, loves heavy metal and Russian rock, with an occasional nod to dance music.  Also loves hockey, soccer, history, and traveling.


Julie Deshtor
A poet, a writer and a translator (Salt Lake City).  Just released her debut book “Letters to Phoenix.”  Participated in translating “So Hazy” and “The Airfight III” (booklet version only) on Wolfhunt and “Ornery Horses” on His Last Bow.


Dimitri Vishnepolsky
A multi instrumentalist (violin, guitar, trumpet, bass, etc.), a member of COLUMBIA SUMMER WINDS ORCHESTRA and a NORTH SHORE ORCHESTRA, a former member of MOBIUS (New York).  On Wolfhunt provided trumpet and background vocals for “Be Grateful You’re Alive” and “Gamblers 1812” and violin for “Gamblers.”


Roman Korotin
A producer / film score composer / guitarist (Seattle).  On Wolfhunt produced and recorded guitars, bass, and synths for “Be Grateful You’re Alive,” “Gamblers 1812,” “One Failed Romance,” and “A Grand Mistake.”


Dave Darlington
An engineer / producer / composer, recorded with Sting, Joan Osbourne, and many others (New York).  Mastered both SSSS and Two Fates.  Recorded and mixed most of Wolfhunt and His Last Bow.  Also provided synthetic drums and bass on these two albums.


Kirill Komarov
A singer / songwriter / poet / blues musician (St. Petersburg, Russia).  On Two Fates performed on “Captain Cook” (guitar).


Josh Salant
A drummer / sound engineer, member of the modern rock band MOBIUS (New York).  On Two Fates performed on “Captain Cook” (darbuka drum / recording).


Anton Shaburov
A conductor of Ural State Conservatory Symphonic Orchestra, conductor of “Globalis” Orchestra, professor in Ural College of Music (Yekaterinburg, Russia).  On Two Fates arranged and conducted “He Didn’t Return from the Battle.”  On Wolfhunt arranged and conducted “The Warplane,” “The Airfight III,” and “Crystal House.”


Leonid Verman
A guitarist / bassist / keyboard player, member of the death metal band STALWART (St. Petersburg, Russia).  On Two Fates played rhythm / solo guitar on “Race to the Horizon,” “Fireride,” “Death Convoy,” and “Two Fates”.


Lex Plotnikoff
The guitar, keyboards, music, lyrics, arrangements, and artwork of one of Russia’s most unique bands, MECHANICAL POET (Moscow, Russia).  Contributed his great talents to “Tale of a Wild Boar”(orchestral arrangements) from Two Fates and “Gears of Time,” “The Tattoo,” “A Troubled Roman,” “Death of a Soccer Fan,” and “Train to Heaven” (drums, bass, and keys) from His Last Bow.


Eugene Sakirsky
A vocalist / guitarist / comedian / concert promoter / Tangle Festival director (New York).  On SSSS performed on “The Airfight” (vocal).


Misha Leder

An accordionist (New York).  On SSSS performed on “Everybody’s Gone to War” (accordion).



Alex Lenner
A guitarist / bassist, a member of the rock’n’roll band RIPPING JACKS.  On SSSS performed on “War in the Mountains” (electric guitar, five-string bass) and “The Submarine” (five-string bass).  Also played with Vadim live.


Dmitry Savin

A guitarist / bassist, former member of the folk rock band NEVERMOON (New York).  On SSSS performed on “Robin Hood” (bass).  Also performed with Vadim on live occasions.


Vladimir Ponomarev
A vocalist / guitarist / keyboarder, recorded and performed with 95 BLUES BERRIES WAY and other acts, a frequent performer at the KSP Festivals (New York).  On SSSS performed on “Love in the Age of Renaissance” (piano), “Children of Books,” and “Ships” (both – keyboards / orchestral arrangements).  On Two Fates performed on “If Your Friend” (accordion) and “A Merry Funeral Song” (piano).  On His Last Bow performed on “Muse’s Visit” (piano).  Also performed with Vadim live.


Anton Karnaukh
A guitarist / keyboarder / singer, recorded and performed with a blues band, 95 Blues Berry Way, as well as as a solo act.  Also a frequent performer at the KSP Festivals (Princeton, NJ).  On “SSSS” performed on “The Cab Meter” (acoustic guitar, production, mix), “Everybody’s Gone to War,” and “Love in the Era of Renaissance” (both – acoustic guitar).


Yuri Liakhovitch
Drummer for the metal band Operatika (NJ).   On SSSS performed on “The Submarine” (drums).


Thad DeBrock
A professional guitarist, worked with East Village Opera Company and various Broadway productions, including “Spring Awakening” and “The Great Comet” (New York).  On SSSS performed on “The One Who Was with Her Before,” “The Ballad of the High Jumper,” “Caveman’s Love,” “Knight’s Tale” (all – acoustic guitar), “Seven Years of Blue,” “Robin Hood,” “The Submarine,” and “Ships” (all – electric guitar).  On Wolfhunt performed on “21st Century City Blues,” “So Hazy,” “Wolfhunt,” and “History of Illness” (electric and acoustic guitars).  On His Last Bow performed on “No Prophets,” “The Buccaneer,” “Jailbird’s Letter,” and “Ornery Horses” (electric guitar).


Polina Goudieva
A singer / songwriter / pianist / producer, primarily in the genre of club / dance / pop.  Worked with Enya, DJ Spooky, and numerous other performers (New York).  Producer and sound engineer on SSSS.  Contributed to “The Airfight” (mix), “The Ballad of the High Jumper (mix), “Knight’s Tale” (keys), “Love in the Age of Renaissance” (keys), “Heavenbound” (keys), “Children of Books” (keys), and “Ships” (mix).  On Two Fates mixed “Tale of a Wild Boar.”  On Wolfhunt engineered and mixed “The Finished Man” and sang on “So Hazy.”


Randy Coven

An acclaimed bassist, performed and recorded with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JORN, HOLY MOTHER, and many others (New York).  On SSSS performed on “Ships” (bass).


John Macaluso
A world famous rock drummer, performed and recorded with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JORN, ARK, RIOT, TNT, and many others (New York).  On SSSS performed on “War in the Mountains” (drums, mix) and “Ships” (drums).  On Two Fates performed on “Race to the Horizon” and “Fireride.”


Dmitry Berlinsky
A world-famous violinist, performed and recorded with major orchestras worldwide, winner of numerous international violin awards (Michigan / New York).  On SSSS performed on “Robin Hood” (violin).


Yuri Naumov
One of the most acclaimed Russian blues musicians.  Resides in Brooklyn since 1990.  Singer / songwriter / guitarist / producer.  A prominent figure in the “Russian Rock Wave” of 1980s.  Regularly tours in Russia and US.  Plays one of a kind nine-string electric / acoustic guitar.  Produced and recorded most of Two Fates, also played guitar on “The Airfight,” “The Flight Aborted,” “Death Convoy,” and “When the Great Flood Waters Had Subsided.”