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“Be Grateful You’re Alive” reviews (English)

Once again I used the “crowd review” service at the ReverbNation website for “Be Grateful You’re Alive.”  Again, a lot of people simply didn’t “get it.”  It did better than previous entry (5.8 / 10), but, of course, most reviewers did not come across as very knowledgeable or perceptive.  But it’s a good read nonetheless.



The horns in the song are brilliant. They caught my ear as soon as the tune started playing. Great quality. I like how this song is very interesting and also has a message. Everyone should be Greatful To Be Still Alive.  I like the nice, warm electric guitar too and I respect the fact that you only gave it to the listeners on a certain part of the song. It almost makes beg for more. Good work on this one man. Keep the good work coming.

I like the incorporation of the violin in the song. The song is a bit corny though, I don’t think it will catch on too much. I like how it’s different though. At a certain point, it started sounding bar mitzvah-ish with that wood instrument playing. The horns seemed grandpa-ish.I like when bands bring a different sound, so I congratulate them on that, but I don’t find myself listening to it again. This is a music review, I mentioned a lot about the elements of this track.

This was a very great song that I just loved.The guy sounded as if he was at a circus or something.This was very funny and I just enjoyed the tune for sure.”tough luck” This lyric was added and was just in time in the song.all the guys seem to have there heads on tight because their voices were a wonderful match to the music that was playing in the background.They sounded like they were performing at a play of some kind.No one should ever turn this off it was a great hit for sure.

This has this old school spanish vibe to it and I think I like it. I can picture this song in a musical, but definitely not to be played on the radio. The music is cool and it’s completely on beat and together throughout the song, which is great. I can’t really comment on the voice much since it’s mostly just some guy talking about cancer and being grateful to be alive. If this song isn’t part of a musical, someone should definitely write one with it on the score.

The beginning to this was so fun in an almost Tom Waits way. Then the vocals started and reminded me a bit of Gogol Bordello. This song had a gypsy punk feel to it and I’m really into that. I love the horns and stringed instruments collaborating to create this really fun instrumental track. The vocals are fun and gypsy punk, but work to utilize the lyrics to tell a spoken word story, which was interesting to hear. I think overall it works for the genre. Is it radio music? No, but I don’t think that’s what the artist was going for. Overall, a fun song and I’m stoked to hear more music from this genre, as it seems to be rare.

I liked the trumpet and other brass sounds in the background. I liked the guitar. The words were kind of silly and so was the singer but for the type of song that he did it was great. He had a wonderful voice for this silly kind of track and if he would get off of the your probably going to die trip he could do kids songs and make loads of bank. Unfortunately I do not hear a hit track with this one.

The trumpet sound is unique, sounds like eastern european folk / country / gypsy song. Vocals style is suitable for the song , lyrics could be offensive to some people those who are easily offended., i like it however makes me smile at its edgyness. Eurovision ?. 8/10.

This song is so unique and instantly I am hooked at how much potential this song has. The lyrics are dark and powerful, and I would listen to this song over and over personally. Absolutely no criticisms of this song whatsoever and the trumpets and various other brass instruments as backing instruments provide a powerful and sole emphasis on the vocals. It is impressive and the husky russian sounding vocals just totally make the song.

The intro sounded very exciting. The tone and beat seemed to really grab my attention. Although, the singer seemed to be a bit repetitive in the song. Half of the song actually included progressing lyrics, while other sets of lyrics seemed to be repeated. This song sounds like it is a country song. The rhythm of the song was very upbeat.

Funny. Interesting song. Makes you want to keep listening by presenting a situation of doom. The music is a great mix of instruments and the vocalist’s accent makes it even funnier. The music promotes energy by changing tempo.

The intro to this song kind of bored me. It took me a few minutes to realize this was a comedic song that made me laugh. It reminded me of Steam Powered Giraffe. It made me smile. It was a very snarky and sarcastic song so if you have a dry sense of humor, you will LOVE this song! The sassiness of the artist nearly killed me.

There is too much going on in this introduction. It is clear that they try to incorporate different genres into one song.It starts out with a classical feel, then moves to a jazzy quality (or even big band) and then rock at one point. It does give off the essence of a show-tune, and I could see it used on Broadway, if these kinks were worked out. The lyrics are quite comical, and confident in expression and breath-control.

The instruments at the beginning is very good with the lyrics and voice for the song. This song is very good. The voice is very well sounded and easy to hear.  I love this song.

The music instruments are really good. The song has a great beat and melody to it, Like a spanish taste to it. The signing on the other hand sucks. The artist is saying the words not really signing. If the beat wasn’t good this song would totally suck.

It’s a really catchy song . Has a great message . Something that I can even here on Radio Disney because if it’s positive Message. Kind of reminds me of passion pits “take a walk”. The instrumental was live with energy which reminded me of Something F.U.N. would do. It’s nice to see bands like this Doing more music that’s you don’t hear everyday . The vocals were interesting because of the narrative vibe in the versus which made it stand out even more. Great work guys!

The song sounds weird but how the beat is the trumpet and other instrument is the best. In the first time heard it, it seems like they’re just talking but how they sing it makes it unique. I like this song because the lyrics is very good and how they say it makes you want to live forever, so I’ll rate it 10.

The intro of this song is quite interesting for sure, and the totally unusual approach on a classic instrumental line up reminds me of Gogol Bordello, who definitely works with the same style. It’s absolutely engaging and driving, with a big bunch of rhythmic touch on top. The unique and original experience given by this strictly spicy instrumental line up and the distinctive vocal performance of the singer makes this song something special for sure. There’s no way to resist all the moving rhythm and the punchy lyrics either. The audience doesn’t have to be a fan to enjoy this song, because either way, they will find it engaging. For me, there’s a strong reference for the artist mentioned above, but for those who hear such a stylish performance for the first time, it’s going to be a memorable experience.

The vocals are good, very amusing, the trumpet adds to the guitar, and the drums are very good, and keep my head nodding through the song, the vocals become very repetetive though, but the music stays good.

The opening made me laugh for some reason. The lyrics are very strange and funny. I enjoy the lyrics a lot and find they make me laugh quite a lot. However a few curse words could be added as they wouldn’t be expected by this voice. Could get to number 1 on YouTube views-wise!

The lyrics of the song are harsh, yet work well together. The man’s vocals are off-putting. In the introduction of the song, the rhythm is catchy. I can’t see this being a big hit in the United States. I vaguely heard any type of harmony. The instrumentals work well with the overall beat and rhythm, though.

A matching chant with a creative mix of music. An violin in the back ground with trumpets. A show song. The lyrics tell a story that grabs you. It sounds like a board way show tune. Interesting enough to make you to dance. the chorus is catchy. A song that makes you look for the someone coming around in stilts.

The instrumental beginning of this track is well unique and not done as often. The artist of the song comes off a bit more on the comical and honest side of things. The lyrics of the song is about how someone should be happy to be alive regardless of situations. The pace of the song is well fast speed.

This song has an upbeat and positive vibe going on from the first note to the last. I am not liking the talking vocals though, but the lyrics to this song do make me smile. The horns playing throughout the song give it a neat sound. I like the European sound to this song.

The first impression that I had of this song track was that it was some sort of comedy song. The background instrumental at first sounded like it had a clown-like circus theme to it. Throughout the song, there was also some parts of the song that had the same feeling in the background instrumental. The beats were varied throughout the song, but was still able to maintain a good and funny one. As for the vocals, I found that this was the aspect of the song that stood out the most. The singer sounded like he was talking more than he was singing. In fact, I thought that this was more of a talk song, as in this song was a song that was basically talking rather than singing. The voice was very clear, making the vocal person having really good clarity when speaking. The lyrics sounded like something you’d hear at the circus. It had sort of a comedy theme feel to it. In my opinion, I think that this song does have commercial potential, possibly in something comedy related. Overall this song sounded more like a talking song with a good instrumental background portion.

I absolutely fell in love with song as soon as I heard the first few seconds. It’s something new for me, i’m completely out of my comfort zone but I enjoy it. It’s just super fun to listen to. The elements are super great too, it just sounds really nice. The lyrics are decent though, it’s not the best words being put together. However! I really liked the background music along with the beat. It just sounds amazing together, so i’ll have to rate this a 9.

Funny song, and the beat reminds me of polka. With a funny video to this song, it could become viral, but the song alone doesn’t do it for me. It is entertaining, but not something that I would ave on my iPod.

The first thing I noticed, right from the first song, is that your vocal delivery has definitely grown in texture and confidence.  In that first song there are several lines that are repeated multiple times, and you do an excellent job accentuating them in a slightly different manner each time.