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“A Merry Funeral Song” reviews (English)

I tried the “crowd review” service at the ReverbNation website for “A Merry Funeral Song” and received over 60 reviews from different people.  I don’t know who these reviewers are:  what’s their background, their location, their age, etc.  They reviewed it from the “radio potential” standpoint.  The overall rating was 5.0 / 10.  You will probably think it’s subpar.  Nevertheless this is pretty much what I expected.  Vysotsky’s songs cannot possibly appeal to everybody in today’s world (English-speaking or not).  They are for the elite.  They require substantial intelligence and open-mindness.  Notice that vast majority of reviews are either very favorable or very negative; very few are in the middle.  In fact, the result is almost “anti-Gaussian” (U), which, of course, produces a Gaussian-like curve.  I think it’s worthwhile to glance at them.  I kept the syntaxis and grammar of the authors.



I thought that the bass had a nice rich texture and a good sonorous tone to it and I liked that it was the introduction to the song. I was very much enamored of the singer’s eastern European accent, and it sounded as though he hailed either from Russia or the Ukraine. I thought that the song had character and personality and a deliciously foreign flair. I thought that the band had a more than passing resemblance to the famous gypsy punk group Gogol Bordello, although without all the manic energy. I thought that the singer was very distinctive as a result of his accent and his somewhat broken English. I thought that the backing beat and the bass formed a tight rhythm section and I enjoyed it quite a bit. I thought that the guitar had a different tone that was pleasantly unorthodox. I thought that the song had an exotic feel and a flavor like faraway spices. I thought that the lyrics showed wit and a jaunty sense of humor, and I liked what I was hearing. I think that this is probably going to appeal more to alternative and indie listeners than anyone else though, and it will probably not hit the mainstream. I thought that the song had an idiosyncratic feel and the different musical instruments, though hard for me to name specifically, gave the song an offbeat timbre. It might have been that they were effects-laden keys or some kind of synth, but in any case, it was fun listening.


So far, a good refresher from the song before. I think this is really cute, actually. His Russian tone makes it really good to listen to intently. I like story line music, and this fits right into that category. It has sort of an ominous tone to it, and I like it a lot. It reminds me of a polka. The guitar that comes in 1:30 through adds a lot of substance. I want to keep note of the name of this band, because this is really interesting. Worth coming back to.


This is not capturing me. First impressions mean everything. If this were the gong show, they would be gone! Don’t give up however, just create something different because you have a very different voice and that much we need. The band plays very well an complements your voice but the sound is just not one that I can say I feel people will want to hear.

I feel that the instrumental starts off slowly but then like an avalanche picks up momentum. The lyrics do a good job of telling a story and keeping the song interesting. I like the way that the other instrumentals (aside from the bassline) change but still are harmonically pleasing. You’re a good story teller. I do believe that you could have been more expressive but overall, this song surprised me. I didn’t think I’d like it in the beginning but it picks up in the end.


The bass guitar and the banging on the side of the drums in the intro is extremely bland. I feel like the intro can use a little bit more variety in instruments. The gradual progression of different instruments entering into the song is special, but I feel like it’s not working in this song. The vocals can be sung, instead of spoken. I feel like the accent is forced hard, and it’s not natural. It may be offending, and the accent isn’t working. This song needs improvement especially in the forced accent. It doesn’t sound good, and it doesn’t sound right. 5/10


The songs beat is catchy and the lyrics are well written, but the voice takes a little getting used to. The guitar sounds amazing with the cut and dry drums, a lot of use of the drums rims which help the songs feeling. The song has a good feeling to it and could do well on indie radio and movies.

Synth-bass in the beginning is keeping me hooked in. 0:50 Keys are a good addition, followed by the synth later. The songs builds slowly and it keeps me wondering where you’re going, in a good way. The lyrics are very thought provoking. I really enjoy listening to this. The music is really upbeat. 3:00 awesome, this little bridge/breakdown is a nice vacation from the rest of the song, and the way you slowly build back up into it again works wonderfully. In conclusion: you had me from the beginning, and you kept me wanting more. The instrumentation was awesome, mix was excellent and as i said before the lyrics were very through provoking.

what is this? I feel like its a joke. The artist voice is funny and don’t fit the track. The lyrics are corny and not that tasteful. I could hear clear clenches in the track. Not a hit of and kind. No natural or hidden talent.

I enjoyed this song quite a bit. The instruments were were played and sounded great. The bouncy sound and rhythm of the song made me smile the whole time. The vocals were FANTASTIC. They could by a little stronger in the track as they are overshadowed by the instruments at times. Great song very fun and very catchy!

Unique voice, I like the satire and the beat in the background. It is a dark comedy with good instrumentals to back up the song. I dont know what type of application you might hear this on. I can not see it on a comercial or the radio, but maybe it would go well in a movie.

One of the worst things I have ever heard, Its just so bad. The singing is extremely off putting and doesn’t let me enjoy the nice background beat. The actual tune is catchy, but the lyrics are very poor and the whole thing sounds really silly. If there where to be some new lyrics and a new singer to accompany the tune it could be worth a listen.

I was not a fan of the awkward percussion line running underneath the song. In addition, I feel as though the strange accent on the vocals made it hard for the listener to understand the words, and instead focused on the accent itself. Due to these factors, the listener is unable to focus on the message of the song itself, and therefore I do not believe there is ability for profitability from this style.


This song sounded really nice and the beat was thrilling to listen too. The progressing sound led to a good build up on the guitar. The lead vocals were very good and went well with the music in the background. Overall this was an enjoyable song to listen to and I would recommend it to anyone.

I like how the bass in the instrumental is low as you can hear the vibrations which is something people look for in a song. I like how in the intro, the vocalist is speaking which is unique. I like how the shakers build up to the main part of the song. I like how he speaks and tells a story and there are sound effects in the songs. I like how the tempo speeds up as the song gradually goes along. I like how he speaks yet you can sort of hear him sing. I like how there are only a few instruments used throughout the song.

The lyrics are irritating, although they seem to be attempting to be funny. The bass is boring and doesn’t seem to go anywhere until around 0:50, at which point the whole song picks up with the addition of keys and some more impressive bass lines. The spoken word vocals don’t really improve this song, in fact them seem to hold back what is upbeat and unique music.

This song is very different to ones on the current market. I feel that personally it would have a place as a soundtrack to an animated children’s film rather than be released onto the charts. It has good tempo and rhythm that’s easy to follow. The singer’s voice also has a good tone for the feel of the backing music.

Tells a great story. A wonderful ballard. It is hard to find songs like thsi anymore. It is very comedic lyrics. The voice of the narrator compliments the lyrical story that he is telling very well. The music compliments what is happening in the story perfectly! I feel like I can visualize what is going on in the story. Very clever. Hope this was meant to be funny.

This song never really stood out, it was to quite and all it sounded like was the singer was talking! But later in the song it got a bit better! The singer gog a bit of tune and the beat was perfect, but the song was on for a but to long….not many elements

This song was somewhat bland to me, corny, cheesy. I just didn’t like the song or even the way the artist sang it was not great. The song was simple and not memorable. The artist seemed bored while he sang this not upbeat at all. The song was very unimaginative.

Uninteresting intro. Try another way to start the song. The music and the lyric just don’t fit. May it is because it need to be singed. May be is the genre. Make the story a little more interesting like is has poetry on it.

i dont like the instrumental or the vocals. the lyrics are very strange and basic. It isnt my type of song. I dont think this works at all. Sounds a bit like borat has made a song.

The percussion begining is strange and odd to the ear. The vocals begin in a very monotone voice. The background noises sound like the Adams Family. The singer begins to sound like he is speaking instead of singing. This is not a song that I would listen to.

Ok I really don’t know what to say about this song. The sound of the instruments was in key with each other. The lyricist was out there. But the instruments did play along with what he was singing about.

This looks like a Russian song. The singer is casual singer. No capable to sing high notes or to show any vocal talent. Casual singer in a night bar karaoke. The orchestral part is build ok. Quality of sound is good. For me this composition is casual and not memorable. Soon forgotten.

This song is very creative. It starts out with suspense and then smoothly goes into his story. I like his voice, he narrates a story very well. His narrates in a way that his words rhyme like a poem. It is very interesting to listen to. I like it. It is different. The beats are great, the beats go well with the words. The speed of the song is good too.

This was very different, but I personally couldn’t class it as a song. The first 50 seconds or more were just talking, and there was no music. I was unsure what the singer was saying during the song as he was very quiet and had an odd accent.

It has a very “Gorgol Bordello” sound to it. I dig the gypsy folk sound. The production quality could be a bit higher on the recording though. It does sound a tad amateur. But with that said, I actually really enjoyed the song. It was fun. Made me want to go to a gypsy wedding, get drunk, and have a rowdy good time! Id like to hear this artist re-record the song with a percussionist on a full kit and a louder overall vibe/volume to the tracks. Songs like this have a very small niche market appeal but the die hard fan base is there for it. Good stuff!

Is this guy even singing or is he just talking? I don’t like the sound of his voice. Like is he trying to sound creepy? Guess what? I highly dislike this song. I don’t like anything about this song.

Is this seriously a song?! He sounds extremely drunk. Poor plot, poor song, poor music. It doesnt even go with the song. sounds like it could be on a childrens show telling a very lame detailed story. I can’t take it seriously. seems like he made it up in five minutes or less or he had too much to drink and he is rambling on and on with a never ending story. doesn’t sound like he put much effort into it at all

The mixing of the song is not particularly great. The bassline is very overpowering. The lyrics are also very odd. The overall sound is just a bit off, but the insturmentals do sound alright. Just improve the mixing.

Elements of indie rock, alternative, and folk music presented here in the piece. This is different and it’s a song that’s set apart and that shows how innovative this song and the artist is. The instruments are pretty good and the vocals and the lyrics are pretty cool also. You guys are awesome.

The vocals for this song are a little strange. They’re almost spoken at the start but once they progress to singing and are flat on almost every note. THe lead singer has an accent that is my favorite part of his vocals. The lyrics are unusual, but in an interesting way. I haven’t certainly never heard a song like this before. The subject matter is extremely strange.

The introduction is nice. Quite refreshing actually. I like the lyrics. It’s a nice change of pace. Good variety. This is a really cool song. I could see it being very popular. I really want to download this song. Interesting song, interesting lyrics, interesting vocals. The song has a nice flow to it. The instrumentals are nice and follow the flow of the overall song quite well. Just hearing this song would make me want to search the artist and listen to other tunes of his.

i really enjoy how the song is very enlightened in the start and the beat rolls in and then the song starts a great tone to it. i think that the melody in the song is a little too soft. i don’t like how you had eased into the mood of the song. the song needs to start right away and i think that the song needs to have a beat that isn’t just some person talking. the song needs to have a flow to it and not just some words because the lyrics need to mean a real meaning that is beautiful.

Is this considered singing? I see no talent in the vocals in this song.. if its a song at all. Some people might find this song appealing in the right situation, but to me, I have no room for this type of music in my collection.

What are some strong points of the song? The wording is cute and smart. It has some humor that older people might like. He has a strong energy into his performance. What are some areas that need improvement? I like he needs to talk less. There need to be richer instrumental support. I only hear the guitar in the intro. but I feel like there should be more. The wording is cute and smart. It works for this song and this genre. It’s unique. What changes are needed? I feel like he should sing and not talk it out. I don’t feel like talking something in a soundtrack will make it appealing to listeners. Will it sell well in the market? Not yet, it will do better if he sings it out. There need to be more instrumental support.