Singer, Sailor, Soldier, Spirit (2008)

Singer, Sailor, Soldier, Spirit (2008)

Recorded in May 2007 - January 2008 in six studios in Metro New York, primarily Polina Music studio.

Production, engineering, mix:  Polina Goudieva
Co-production:  Vadim Astrakhan

Mastering:  Dave Darlington

The album title is a reference to the English nursery rhyme, "Tinker, tailor, soldier, spy" ("Царь, царевич, король, королевич"), meant to celebrate Vysotsky's unique manysidedness and versatility.

The CD is $15 US + $3 S&H, regardless of the quantity of discs that you order or your address, foreign or domestic.

* Now available for downloading on Amazon!





  • Ships
  • The Flight Aborted
  • S.O.S. (The Submarine)
  • Children of Books
  • Love in the Age of Renaissance
  • Caveman's Love
  • The High Jumper
  • War in the Mountains
  • The Airfight
  • Everybody's Gone to War
  • Seven Years of Blue
  • The One Who Was with Her Before
  • Robin Hood
  • Knight's Tale
  • Heavenbound (The Ballad of the Gallows Field)
  • The Cab Meter


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