Two Fates (2012)

Two Fates (2012)

Recorded in May 2009 - March 2012 in seven studios around the world, primarily Nine-String Studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Production, engineering, mix:  Yuri Naumov
Co-production:  Vadim Astrakhan
Mastering:  Dave Darlington

This album showcases much stronger emphasis on music.  The main philosophy behind it is:  "Make the music on the same level as the poetry."  Once again it features an international cast of musicians, spearheaded by Naumov himself.

The CD is $15 US + $3 S&H, regardless of the quantity of discs that you order or your address, foreign or domestic.

* Now available for downloading on Amazon!






  • Race to the Horizon
  • If Your Friend
  • Gypsy Blues
  • Fireride
  • A Merry Funeral Song
  • Death Convoy
  • He Didn't Return from the Battle
  • Why Did the Savages Eat Captain Cook
  • When the Great Flood Waters Had Subsided
  • Two Fates
  • Tale of a Wild Boar


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